Psychotherapists / Psychologists / Coaches
Psychologist, coach,
work experience — 20 years
Coach ICF. Work experience - 7 years.
Works with communication, internal conflict, delegation, burnout, multitasking and ambitious goals.
Practicing psychologist. Work experience - 6 years.
Works with adults, married couples. Conducts individual therapy sessions and psychological consultations.
Consultant, coach, trainer. Work experience - 14 years.
Helps with personnel management, finding solutions in crisis situations, burnout, development of soft skills, life/work balance.
Psychologist, CBT consultant, corporate coach. Work experience - 11 years.
Works with adults, teenagers and family couples. Helps to improve psychological wellbeing and maintain a life-work balance.
Inspired and resourceful psychologist. Work experience - 16 years.
Helps with creativity, emotional intelligence, family problems, self-esteem, women's issues.
Psychologist, psychotherapist. Work experience - 7 years.
Works with burnout, anxiety, self-esteem, depression, and improving relationships in a couple.
Yevhen Suprun
Client Partner
Karyna Samoilenko
Service partner
Yana Shpyh