Olena Ukrainska
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Psychologist, CBT consultant
work experience — 11 years
Main areas of expertise
  • Psychological counseling: anxiety, fear, anger, hatred, apathy, disillusionment, powerlessness, confusion, feel of guilt and shame, soreness, internal and external conflicts, self-esteem, self-realization, search of meaning of life, lack of self-confidence, interpersonal communication skills, family communication and conflicts, communication and conflicts at work, personal crisis, age-related crises (including midlife crisis), emotional burnout, professional burnout, life work balance, time management;
  • Assistance with solving personal relations problems, parent-child relations, conscious parenthood, family relationships counseling, constructive family relations feedback, provision of Psychological First Aid (PFA);
  • Providing psychological support for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder);
  • Crisis counseling;
  • Psychological support for Temporarily Relocated people and refugees;
  • People, whose family members are serving in Armed Forces of Ukraine, Territorial Defense forces;
  • People, staying in settlements near the battlefront; people, whose close family members are on the occupied territory;
  • Psychological help for women with children who had to flee abroad as a result of russian aggression against Ukraine.
  • Help in forming psychological resilience to challenging life situations;
  • Teaching skills of psychological self-help;
  • Dealing with professional burnout.

Hi! My name is Olena Ukrainska.

I am a psychologist, CBT consultant and corporate coach who helps to cope with psychological wellbeing issues, stress, anxiety, emotional problems and complicated life situations, provides PTSD therapy and coaching, self-help training).

I provide help in coping with life challenges, building up stress-resilience, creating a reliable and self-supporting life foundation, finding one's lifework balance. Acting member of the National Psychological Association of Ukraine. Author and speaker of psychological and coaching master classes and workshops. Co-author of the "Rainbow of your success" book.

I work with adults, teens 14+, family couples. I conduct individual psychological consultations, group psychological events, thematic webinars and seminars. I am engaged in volunteer activities.

I counsel in Ukrainian, russian and english languages.
2022- Interregional Academy of Personnel Management Master's degree in Psychology. Professional retraining program.
Professional development
  • 2023 – Ukrainian Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Lviv, Ukraine «CBT. Essential techniques for counseling and coaching»
  • 2022 - «Perspectiva» psychological center, Kyiv, Ukraine. Professional psychology training course: "Psychological counseling: Level 1", "Psychological counseling: Level 2"
  • 2021 - CoachingUP International University of Development, Kyiv, Ukraine. "Fundamentals of International Coaching"
  • 2019 - "Osnova" International training center, Kyiv, Ukraine. "Art-coaching for axillary work specialists"
  • 2018 - "Osnova" International training center, Kyiv, Ukraine. "Certified counselor" training program
  • 2018 - "Osnova" International training center, Kyiv, Ukraine. "Theory and Practice of Psychological counseling"