Krystyna Zadorozhna
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Practicing psychologist.
Work experience - 5 years.
Main areas of expertise
  • Fears and health problems,
  • Stress, apathy, anxiety,
  • Period of divorce,
  • Lack of harmony in a couple,
  • The problems between parents and children,
  • Difficulties in parenting,
  • Low self-esteem,
  • Different types of conflicts,
  • Codependent relationships,
  • Unrequited love,
  • Problems with self-acceptance,
  • Questions of life goals and meanings in life, etc.
Hello, my name is Krystyna Zadorozhna.

I am a practicing psychologist with experience more than 5 years. I work with adults, married couples.
I conduct individual therapy sessions and psychological consultations.

National pedagogical Dragomanov University. Master`s degree
Professional development
  • 2018 - World Association for positive and transcultural psychotherapy (WAPP).
  • 2021 - Certificate World Association of Psychosomatic consultant.
  • 2021 - Certificate of the European Center of Psychotherapy and Personal Development.
  • 2023 - Basic techniques of Ericksonian hypnosis (Trans-laboratory)
  • 2023 - Military psychology (Psychological Center HIDEAWAY)