Nataliia Kuchak
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Work experience - 16 years
Main areas of expertise
  • Family problems: conflict, restoring relationships, rehabilitation after divorce, parent-child relations.
  • Women's sphere: the development of femininity, pregnancy, the realization of women in business.
  • Work with thinking. Technologies for the development of thinking and personal effectiveness.
  • Goals achievement.
  • Emotional intelligence, work with the emotional sphere.
  • Self-esteem.
  • Creativity, creative approach in business, creative thinking to solve complex problems. Psychosomatics, methods of maintaining physical and mental health.

Hello, my name is Nataliia Kuchak and my activity, my profession, my creativity is psychology. I have been practicing for 16 years. I am constantly improving and developing my methods of work, to help my clients achieve the greatest results and become happy.

At the psychological consultation with my clients we transform reality and turn non-resources into resources, expand abilities and choices, find hidden opportunities to solve problems and achieve goals for positive changes.

I always use a systematic approach and focus on maximum results with minimal costs.

Psychology Skills:
• Cognitive behavioral therapy
• Confidentiality procedures
• Counseling
• Crisis intervention
• Family therapy
• Psychosomatics
• Neurobiology
• Art therapy
• Symbol drama
• Confidentiality procedures
• Strong analytical skills
• Own strategy and approach to work

  • 2006. Kyiv International University. Course of symbol drama and art therapy.
  • 2008. Kyiv International University, Master of Psychology.
  • 2008. Center for Motivational Technologies. NLP master course.
Professional development
  • 2022 - Psychosomatics: from theory to practice. Principles of PSR therapy and algorithm of work with psychosomatics
  • 2022 - Limiting beliefs in business, career and relationships
  • 2019 - Course "The Science of Success: What Researchers Know that You Should Know". University of Michigan.