What are the values of our employee support program for your company?
It is available to everyone
Unlimited annual access to all specialists on the Rozumayu platform.

Your team will be able to consult with psychologists, financial advisors, lawyers, and healthy lifestyle specialists for free.
Employees will not be distracted from work by personal problems.

It is no longer possible to attract promising personnel to a voluntary health insurance policy - everyone has one. But the employee support program (ESP) is a modern and useful tool of the benefits and compensation system.
This is important
It helps
Team and business productivity will increase.

Our quarterly reports based on impersonal statistics will help you understand what is happening in the team
It's convenient. It's for everyone
Employees choose the time of consultations. Consultations can be conducted via video, audio or chat.

It doesn't matter what your business profile is, companies from all industries work with employee support programs around the world.
What are the results of the service implementation?
Results of the impact and effectiveness of Wellbeing services
Reducing "absenteeism" due to illness
Reduce work-related stress
Increased emotional resilience, morale and engagement
Improving efficiency
Improving the employer brand, staff retention, and work-related stress management
Companies report improvement in overall mental health among employees
Benefits for business
Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism rates
Reducing the number and duration of employee sickness absence
Reducing the level of dismissals in the company
Increased productivity of employees who are satisfied with their lives.
Increase the emotional stability of the entire team
Increased employee engagement
Effective resolution of personal issues quickly and confidentially
Improving overall health and well-being
Increased awareness, knowledge of oneself and one's needs
Perevagi for staff