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The methodology of counseling psychologists is based on different approaches
Understanding psychotherapy is a scientifically based method of professional psychological assistance developed on the basis of personality-centered psychotherapy by K. Rogers.
The help of a psychologist within the framework of understanding psychotherapy can be described as follows:
A person has a question, a problem, or a difficult life situation. It is difficult for him to find a way out of it on his own.
She wanders through the maze in search of a way out, encountering obstacles and dead ends.
The psychologist enters this labyrinth with her, takes the person by the hand, and they go through this path together, seeing the same obstacles and dead ends. But since there are already two of them, new routes and forks are visible. Gradually, some of the obstacles go away, and the walls come down and no longer seem so high.

In other words, if you tell another person about your difficult experiences, and this other person is imbued with the story and responds to the hottest and most painful things, giving him or her his or her own understanding, then things will definitely move forward.
This gives a person a new understanding and new resources to overcome the situation.
The psychologist's help is to lead the client to comprehend his or her experience, alternately highlighting feelings, the image of the situation, unconscious beliefs, and interconnections.