What are employee support programs and why do companies need them?
Modern research proves that employee problems = your company's problems. You may not solve them, but it affects labor efficiency.
Employees note the existence of "presenteeism" and 29% note its growth.
Employees report the presence of "absenteeism" including 59% due to stress, mental problems, disorders, depression, and 25% who note its growth.
Only a third (32%) of companies in Europe are taking steps to discourage these unhealthy practices. Many organizations do not know how they can address these issues.
Companies believe that poor financial health is a significant cause of stress in their organization.
Sources: CIPD & Simplyhealth 2020 research
Our employee support programs are an effective tool for improving mental health in the company and reducing the impact of negative factors.
Support programs help employees, make them happy and more efficient.
Support programs are important for employers because they provide them with a long-term competitive advantage.
Support programs
Our support programs include a range of psychological support or mental well-being, legal issues, financial advice and healthy lifestyle counseling.
Psychological support
Legal assistance
Financial consultations
The Rozumiu team consists of psychologists with specialized academic education and many years of counseling experience. We guarantee and take full responsibility for each of them.

Crisis, problems in family relationships, difficulties in raising children, anxiety and stress at work - our counselor will support and help you cope with any experience.
Our lawyers are experts in the field of law for individuals, as well as for small and medium-sized businesses.

Every day we help people deal with family law, housing and communal services, consumer protection and many other issues.
Our financial advisors regularly train clients in financial literacy: how to cope with credit burden, manage family and personal budgets, and much more.
Consultations on healthy lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle is the key to good physical well-being, as well as reducing seasonal and chronic diseases.

Our experts help you choose a healthy diet or a diet for weight loss, cope with sleep disorders or various psychosomatic manifestations. At the same time, healthy habits help to boost immunity, increase energy, and adapt the body to the effects of serious illnesses, age-related changes, or disorders.
The support programs are aimed at strengthening the well-being of employees by providing qualified assistance in solving their everyday problems.
We will also organize it:
Special psychological programs tailored to the specifics of the client company.
Training seminars and workshops with psychologists, lawyers, and financial advisors.
Offline consultations on the customer's premises
Read more about psychological support.
We help:
Help to understand the child's behavior and learn how to communicate with him/her
Find stability in family relationships
Find professional realization
Just get to know yourself better
Reduce anxiety levels
The priorities may be different, but the goal is the same: to find peace of mind, which will help you respond adequately to adversity and shocks.
On a daily basis, the Center's qualified psychologists act as guides for our clients on the way to realizing problems and finding a way out of situations.